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Name My Kitty Contest Results

I received 121 entries in my contest to name my new kitty. There were plenty of Snowballs, Snowflakes, a couple of Snows, 3 Yukis, 2 Crystals, a pair of Sinatras (blue eyes, you see), 3 Sophies and a Sofia, and many other wonderful names. I really liked the names that meant winter or snow in other languages. Some that stood out for me were:

Blizzard, Blanche, Bianca

Guenivere, Geneva, Gwyneira

Snow Angel, Angel, Angelica

Elurra, Neblina, Erehwon

Snow Queen, Artic Princess, Empress

Starfall, Winter, Ice Ice Baby

Indigo, Sapphire, Lily

Yukiko, Seto, Kabuki

Pearl, Petal, Penelope

It was really hard to narrow it down, but I finally settled on these 10 to select the name from:

Frigga – Jeffrey K

Luna Azzura-Martine D

Venitsa-Jane C

Eirlys-Quinn V

Snowbelle-Lily G

Miyuki-Betty B

Gwenllian-Linda M

Tansy (short for Tanzanite)-Gabriele P

Candida-Annette T

And the winner was Skyblu from Sally H!!

Congrats, Sally! I have emailed your gift card to you. Thank you everyone, for your wonderful names. I was completely overwhelmed!

And now for the kitty update. When I went to the shelter this afternoon to fill out the papers and get little Skyblu, it turns out there was a snafu. Someone else had put the little white kitty on hold before I did, so I couldn’t adopt her. That might sound like sad news, and I was pretty let down for a minute, but it meant I could adopt Dixie. Dixie and many, many other cats were found two years ago in a house where they had no love. On the TV show Hoarders it’s appalling to see how much stuff people just hang onto. Some people hoard cats. These helpless animals don’t get proper nutrition, or water, or litter boxes, affection, or veterinary care. At Dixie’s house the people bought jumbo bags of rice, slit the bags open and left them on the floor for the cats to eat. That’s all. Poor little Dixie (and she’s little. She’s three years old, and weighs less than 8 pounds. She’s petite!) has been at the shelter for almost 2 years. That’s a long time for a kitty to not be adopted. I once overheard some visitors say she was ugly.  Maybe she’s not as pretty as the little white kitty, and she’s terribly timid, but I’ve loved her since I first saw her 20 months ago.  Her markings are distinctive. She’s mostly white with random splashes of orange and dark gray.

Dixie kitty

She’s been Dixie for so long that I don’t think I’ll get used to calling her Skyblu. But at the Vet’s and on official papers she’ll be listed as Skyblu. If anyone asks me how she got that name, I’ll have a great story to tell!

4 Responses to Name My Kitty Contest Results

  • What a lucky kitty cat. Dixie or skyblu is sure to repay your gift of home and family with love and loyalty. What a positive outcome. Congrats!

  • They must be blind and very vain if they think she is ugly. She is a beautiful cat and I glad that you found each other.

    • I think she’s beautiful too. Her nose is quite Roman, and her eyes are very slanted, not the round, wide-open-in-wonder look that some people like, but winning ehr trust and love will be very worthwhile. I hope to have other pictures to post when she’s settled in and not so frightened of everything.

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