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Tuesday Teaser 2/24/15: Rose & Carla

Happy Tuesday! Is it Friday yet?


This is going to be a long week for me and I’m already exhausted. I feel like I’ve been sick forever. In early January I caught a cold that by the end of January turned into a sinus infection. Then I hurt my shoulder, a teeny tiny tear in my rotator cuff.  Then that sinus infection went down into my lungs. When I breathe I sound like I’m gargling, and then I cough non stop. Sheesh! Enough already!


Do you ever feel like that? Like it’s just one thing after another? But I think I’m on the mend now, and it hasn’t stopped me writing. In fact, the end of Wolf’s Princess is in sight. A few big scenes, a few little scenes, and an epilogue are all that is left. My goal for finishing the rough draft is March 8. I think I can do it!


Here is a little snip from Wolf’s Princess. This takes place in Carla’s room the evening of the day that Sky returned to the Den to talk to Rose. Enjoy!



Rose watched Little Feather’s tiny hands press against his mother’s breast as he nursed. What did it feel like to cradle a son or daughter to your breast and watch them suckle? She snapped her attention back to Carla at the next question.

“It would be nice for Sky to see his parents again. I’m sure he wants to. Does he plan to live here at the den or with the Clan?”

Rose opened her mouth, thought for a moment, and closed it. “I don’t know. It didn’t come up.”

“Maybe he’s waiting to see what you would prefer.” Carla lifted Little Feather to the other breast. “He is here to court you, isn’t he?”

“Yeah.” It had taken a bit of effort to get it out of him, but yes, he was here to court her. She tried to remember what he had said in that short time before supper. “He said no one would ever love me as well as he could.”

“That’s a nice start to a courtship,” Carla commented.

Rose shook her head. “Too nice.”

“Too nice?”

“Yeah. Slick. Glib. You know what I mean?” Rose saw Carla’s confusion. “Did you see the way he dresses? The way he acts?”

“He’s been in Omaha for nearly eight years.”

Rose cocked an eyebrow at the Lupa. “That’s not how I remember him. He used to be a hot head. Remember? He’s nothing like I imagined he would be.”

Carla’s smooth brow formed the crease that always appeared when she was thinking hard. “Well, the last time we saw him, he was only seventeen years old. Now he’s twenty-five. He’s matured in a city that everyone says is cosmopolitan.”

“Swanky,” Rose said, smiling at the memory of Sand’s disapproving description of Omaha. Her smile faded. “Sky came back only because Taye wrote to him and told him he was allowing me to be courted.”

“Does it matter why?” Carla lifted Little Feather to her shoulder to burp him. “He’s here now.”


“What’s wrong, Rose? Don’t you want him to court you?”

Rose raised a hand as if to stroke the baby’s small head, let it fall. “I want that.” She nodded at Little Feather. “I want to hold my own baby in my arms. I want a family.”

The Lupa nodded. “I know. I’ve seen it in you for the past few years. Don’t you think you could have that with Sky?”

“Maybe. But I’m not sure I like him.”

“What do you have against him?”

Rose threw up her hands.  “I don’t know. He’s just so … smooth. I don’t trust him.”

Carla lifted startled eyes to stare at her. “You don’t think he would hurt you?”


“Do you find him attractive?”

Rose ignored the heat that flooded her cheeks. “Oh, sure, he’s good looking.”

“That’s not quite the same thing. One thing all us mates have in common is the attraction we feel for our men.”

The heat multiplied. “He’s hot, okay? But he’s not the only hot guy around here.”

“Do you mean Jasper?” Carla laughed at her glare. “You know wolves are bigger gossips than most people think women are. I know all about your lunch with Jasper.”

“Of course you do.” Rose made a face. “I had a nice time this afternoon until Mr. City Slicker got off the train. I suppose I’ll need to cancel my Saturday night supper with Jasper.”

“Yeah, Taye will have one of the men tell him.”

Rose winced when she imagined how the message would be delivered. “I should write a note to him. I’d like to explain in person, but I don’t suppose I can.”

Little Feather was sleeping, a small milk bubble trembling on his lower lip. Carla smiled down at her son before looking back up at Rose. “Sky wouldn’t like that much. Are you going to let him court you?”

“Yeah.” Rose heaved a sigh. “I guess I owe him that much. But if don’t like him, I’m not accepting his mate claim. That’s final.”

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