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Tuesday Teaser 3/3/15: Wolf’s Princess

I’m working on the last two chapters of Wolf’s Princess this week! My goal is to have the rough draft complete by next Sunday night. That might or might not happen. My darling Dixie kitty  has been sick. Very sick. I honestly was afraid I would have to put her to sleep. But she’s home from the vet hospital now. Taking care of her is going to cut into my writing time this week. She has a number of medications that I have to somehow force into her at various times during the day. But I will write as much as I can after the day job and in between cat care. I am still hopeful for making my deadline. Think good thoughts for me and Dixie.


Here is a snip from Wolf’s Princess. Rose and some of the ladies who work at The Limit (Sky’s house) are  relaxing on their night off. Enjoy!


Rose was afraid the city of Omaha trembled the edge of violence. Not long before she boarded the plane in 2014 string of riots sparked by racial tensions had spread across America. She remembered watching news coverage and businesses burned, homes destroyed, and people caught in the middle. The same thing could happen here, and the thought terrified her.

“Sky will make sure things don’t get that bad.” Rose wasn’t sure if she were convincing anyone, even herself.

Ms. Mary gave her a pitying glance and changed the subject. “What are you working on, dear?”

Rose held up the two inches of sock she’d completed so far. “Just another sock for Sky.”

Tasha leaned over the back of her chair to grin at Rose. “Uh-huh,” she said. “And how are you and the Mr. doing?”

For some reason, Rose felt herself blushing. “Fine,” she mumbled.

Now all the girls at the table were looking at Rose. Their attention didn’t seem malicious but she wished they would go back to painting their nails.

“You know…” Tasha dragged the word out into several syllables. “We’ve all had a crush on Sky at one time or another. There’s not one of us who hasn’t invited him to join us in bed on our night off.”

Michelle giggled. “He’s so handsome.”

“Hot as an August afternoon,” Aimee agreed.

Camille licked one finger and shook it as if it were burned. “Steaming!”

From her spot beside the piano Cayla lifted her head from her book. “And he’s nice. Handsome is fine, but it doesn’t last.”

Tasha licked her lips. “Maybe, but a man who looks like Sky just gets better with age.”

Giggles erupted around the table.

Rose shifted in her chair, trying for a casual tone. “You’re right. Sky’s dad is past sixty years old, and he’s a handsome man.”

They laughed again. Tasha waved her hands to dry the polish. “So what’s he like in bed?”

The giggles died. Rose thought Camille and Berniece looked a little embarrassed, but also interested.

“Sky’s dad?” Rose said, making a production out of counting her stitches.

“Ha-ha,” said Tasha. “No, Sky! Come on, any guy who looks like that has to be good in bed. Is he?”

Rose clutched her knitting needles so tightly her palms hurt. She tried to find words to say, but they ran away.

“Aww, look at her blush.” Tasha blew on her nails. “That’s so cute. Come on. Spill it.”

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