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Tuesday Teaser 3/18/14: Wolf’s Lady Part 11

Time for the next bit in Sand and Amanda’s story! I’m not doing any self-editing like I usually do, so as always please excuse my typos and other boo-boos. I’m enjoying writing this story. I hope you’re enjoying reading it!


Amanda licked her painted lips while she stared at him. He could count her breaths sliding in and out of her lungs. “I want Sand to court me.”

Sand threw his head back and screamed a howl of victory.


Amanda shivered at that feral howl. When Sand tilted his fiercely smiling face back down toward her, she jabbed a finger at him. “Okay, I’m giving you a chance. For tonight, let’s just keep this cool. I want to go downstairs and visit with people. You just keep your distance.”

“Okay,” he said softly, which really contrasted with his expression.

Sky nodded. “And don’t bite anybody,” he said deadpan.

Amanda wasn’t sure he was joking. She went out of her room and down the stairs. When she was spotted by the twenty or so men in the reception rooms a cheer rose. She tilted her head at its usual jaunty angle and gave them a wave. She strode across the room to an empty armchair, Sand looming like grim death behind her. Even without the spiked collar, wearing his worn jeans and rumpled blue chambray shirt instead of black leather, he intimidated the visitors. He stood a step behind her chair and glared with arms folded over his chest. Most of the men learned right away to not flirt with her. The almost sub-vocal growl Sand let out each time one of them tried to touch her clued them in. Only Paul, her second appointment of the night, hadn’t caught on right away.

“Miss Amanda,” he called when he first entered the reception room. “You look gorgeous!”

He hurried through the knots of people, tall and broad in his well fitted tan suit, his thinning brown hair impeccably groomed, his pale face flushed and sweating from the heat in the room. She knew for a dozen previous encounters that his body was fit for a man of forty who spent hours at a desk. He looked for a moment as if he wanted to try to squeeze into the chair beside her, but a glance at Sand apparently changed his mind.

He knelt on the carpet before her. “I had expected to meet you upstairs in your room.”

Habit made her put on an imperious sneer. “If I choose to allow you in my room—”

Sand came around the chair in a blur of blue cotton and black hair to grab Paul by the collar and jerk him up to his feet. “You will never see the inside of her room again,” he said in a chillingly conversational tone.

She could see that instead of frightening Paul, Sand’s domineering warning excited him. His pale blue eyes rolled to Amanda, his face shining with delight. “Are we having a threesome tonight?” he asked breathlessly.

She wondered if Sand even knew what Paul was talking about. “Paul,” she began, but Sand cut her off.

“Amanda is mine,” he snarled.

“Yes, Master,” Paul said in that same breathless voice. “Of course. I’ll be grateful for whatever crumbs you allow me to have.”

Amanda had to laugh at Sand’s confusion. “Paul,” she said kindly, “I’m afraid there’s been a change in my schedule. This is Sand Wolfe. I’ll be spending my time with him exclusively for the next month.”

Paul looked from her to Sand. “But … I am very good at fellatio,” he offered.

“At what?” Sand said, still holding Paul’s collar twisted in his fist.

“Fellatio.” Now Paul’s voice turned slightly condescending. “Giving head. I can suck your cock all the way down my throat while you finger fuck Amanda. Or you can ass fuck me while I fuck Ama—”

Sand’s fist jerked Paul off the floor. The man clawed desperately at his strangling collar. Amanda jumped up but wasn’t sure what to do.

Sand dragged Paul’s ear close to his mouth. “If you ever speak her name again I will kill you.  If I ever see you near her again, I will kill you. You understand me?”

“Yes,” Paul croaked.

“Good.” Sand lowered the other man down to his feet with frighteningly gentle care. “Now get out and don’t come back.”

Paul stumbled when Sand dropped him and hastily pushed his way through the whispering people who were staring at them. Amanda sat back down in the armchair, aware that her fingers were trembling. She drew a calming breath and looked up at Sand. There was a faint flush in his lean cheeks when he turned to look down at her.

“Do you do that?” he asked. “Have two men in bed at the same time?”

For no reason that she could think of, she felt heat rise to her face. “A few times,” she said quietly, stroking the nap of the upholstery.

“Do you like it?”

She paused to consider it. “No, not really. I don’t dislike it either. Really, it doesn’t matter to me one way or another. It’s just part of the job.”

“I can never do that.” Sand dropped to one knee in front of her chair. “My wolf would never accept sharing you with anyone that way.”

“I know.” Maybe she shouldn’t have, but she cupped his face in her hands and leaned forward to kiss him. “I would never share you either.”

He kissed her back, his lips more gentle than she’d expected. He pulled away after only a few moments, though, and stood up to meet Sky, who was approaching with that smooth, unhurried gait of his that ate up the distance far more quickly than it seemed to.

“Sand, you have to stop throwing our guests out.”

Before Sand could snarl a reply Amanda stood quickly. “Considering what Paul said, Sand behaved himself very well.”

One of Sky’s elegant brows rose. “And what did Mr. Harper say?”

“Paul thought a threesome was a good idea, and described who would be doing what to whom.”

Sky’s other brow shot up. Amanda wondered how he did that. “I see,” he said smoothly. “I think you’re right, Mandy. No blood was spilled, no furniture broken. All’s well that ends well. But I believe I will need to send notes out to your usual appointments to inform them you will be unavailable for some time.”

“Forever,” Sand snapped.

“Perhaps. Good night,” Sky said pointedly.

Amanda sighed. “Alright.” She sashayed past Sand. “Coming?”

“Where?” he asked suspiciously.

“To bed, of course.”

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