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Free Books for the National Reading Month!

   Wolf's OathSherry's Wolf.jpeg

Did you know that March is National Reading Month in the US? I learned to love reading when I was a child yearning for adventure. Nothing very adventurous happened to me in real life, but when I opened a book I could be anywhere or anything in the world, or out of this world.

So I don’t need much of an excuse to read a book, and I’m happy to do my civic duty to promote reading. I’m doing my part by setting my two self published book to FREE at Smashwords. Wolf’s Oath and Sherry’s Wolf are free until March 31.  Read Wolf’s Oath first. Events in that book have a bearing on Sherry’s Wolf.  I don’t believe you have to read the first three books in the series to be able to enjoy these. So click on the links below to download a book and spend an afternoon buried in another world.

Wolf’s Oath at Smashwords

Sherry’s Wolf at Smashwords


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