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Tuesday Teaser 4/7/15: Rose and Stone

How is everybody doing? I haven’t made a post for a while because the last few weeks were CRAZY for me! But I thought you might like an update on Sky and Rose. I finished the rough draft of Wolf’s Princess and sent it out to the beta readers around March 22. Then I began packing to move to a new apartment. That is a lot of work! Take it from me: if you don’t have to move, don’t! Packing, then moving all the stuff, then cleaning the old place, and then unpacking must be a version of hell. I was exhausted. Still am, really, but things will settle down now, I’m sure.


Anyway, I’ve gotten some of the comments back from the beta readers, and I’m expecting the rest in the next few days. So far readers seem to like it. They’ve pointed out a few things for me to work on, and I know I’ll have more soon. I LOVE when beta readers catch my mistakes and help me see where the story needs to be fixed! Makes me look good for my editor.  J  My goal is to do revisions right away and submit Wolf’s Princess to the publisher by April 14. I am having outpatient surgery on April 16. I’ve had it before, and it’s painful, but it’s just to get rid a bit of bone around my sinuses and cut the polyps out. Not pleasant, certainly, but not like a knee replacement. I should be up and around within 10 to 14 days, and probably sooner than that.  If the publisher accepts the manuscript without requesting major revisions, the book will probably be released around late July-mid-August. That is only a guess, however. It depends on their publishing schedule.


Okay, you’ve been so patient with me. Enjoy a few paragraphs of Rose’s story.


At five minutes to eleven o’clock, Rose was in the front hall ready to walk to the hospital to meet Sara. Stone joined her and together they left for the hospital. Rose noticed that he seemed relaxed.

“How are you and Sara getting along?”

He walked for half a block in silence. She didn’t think he was ignoring her, just considering how to answer. “I think we’re getting along fine,” he said cautiously.

“That’s good.” What she really wanted to know was whether or not Stone and Sara would remain married. It wasn’t something she could come straight out and ask, so she tried to come at it from an oblique angle. “What do you talk about? I mean, you do talk, don’t you?”

“Some. She tells me about her work in the hospital, and she asks about Amanda and Sand. Stuff like that.”

Oblique wasn’t getting her the answers she wanted. There were times when Stone was far too much like his cousin Tracker. “Do you talk about how you feel about each other?”

He slanted a glance down at her, then looked ahead again. “Not yet.”

Flushed with her success in putting Zoe and Tanya in their place, Rose was sure she could help Stone and Sara work out their relationship too. Aware of the Stone’s expressionless face, Rose decided to keep that to herself.

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