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I sent Wolf’s Princess to the publisher around 10:00pm on Monday, and I received an offer for a contract less than 24 hours later!


Sky and Rose and I have been on this journey together for a while now, and a lot of you have been along for the ride too. Thank you! This one took me a lot longer to write than I expected. Not because it was hard, really, but more because what I thought would be about 75-80,000 words grew into 120,500 words. For comparison purposes, Wolf’s Glory, Wolf Tracker, and Ellie’s Wolf are all around 72,000-75,000 words. Of course, during the editing that number could change. One of the reasons it is so long is because there are a few other story lines mixing in with Sky and Rose. For instance, Stone and Sara work out their differences to find their happy ever after, and there are some other wolves who find women to love.


I don’t have a release date yet. Generally, it is 4 to 6 months after the contract is signed. That could change, of course, depending on whether the publisher’s release schedule has an earlier opening, or if editing takes longer than expected. I will post when I have a date.


You’ve all been so patient. To thank you, I’ll be running a contest through my newsletter. I will be giving away ARCs of Wolf’s Princess, copies of my other books (ebooks, paperbacks, and audio), and I will be giving away a Kindle. That won’t be happening until June. More details will be forthcoming.


Tomorrow I am having surgery, so I’ll be out of the loop for a few days. It’s not major surgery, and the recovery time is pretty short. I should be back to work in 7-10 days, and probably will be able to hop on the internet for a few minutes here and there as soon as Friday night. So if you’d take a minute to think good thoughts for me I would appreciate it! Surgery makes me a little nervous. 😉 I’ll just have to pretend Taye is holding my hand. He’s better than a teddy bear!


Happy Reading!


10 Responses to UPDATES!

  • Good luck on your surgery!!! Really looking forward to Wolf’s Princess!

  • Good health and happiness. I can’t wait to read Roses’ story. Is this the last of the wolf series? I hope not. Please get well soon. Good thoughts and prayers are on the way for a full recovery.

  • Good luck and feel better Maddy.

  • Thank you everyone! I’m feeling a little “ack! Why did I decide to do this?” but a month from now I’ll be breathing through my nose and sleeping like a baby! Maybe (gasp!) smelling my coffee!

  • Sending you positive vibes and wishing you a quick recovery from sunny Australia 🙂

  • I hope your operation will go smoothly and that it brings all the reliefe for you it promisses. Am I being compassionate? a little.. but I want you to continue writng asap. 😀 No honestly. Prayers for the surgery.

  • Good luck today with the surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  • Hoping all goes well for you and yes breathing better is worth a couple of down days for you… Take Care and hurry back to us…

  • Awe… what a cliffhanger you left us at… but sooooo excited… can’t wait…

  • Thanks, everyone! Surgery went well. I am home and the pain is manageable. Hopefully well enough to go back to work on Monday April 27!

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