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Tuesday Teaser 6/4/13: Ellie’s Wolf

      Tomorrow I’m off to Lori Foster’s Annual Reader & Author Get Together in Ohio! I received Wolf’s Prize back from the publisher with a request to make a few changes before they offer me a contract. My goal was to have it turned back in before I left, but I’ve been so busy getting ready for the trip that I haven’t finished the changes yet. One of the changes is the title. Wolf’s Prize will be Ellie’s Wolf instead. When I have signed the contract I’ll make updates throughout the website.

      Meanwhile, here is a conversation between Ellie and Rose:

      Rose wiped the heel of her hand over her eyes. Like many fair skinned people her face was blotched red from her tears, but the blue of her blue-gray eyes was more vivid. “You’re here now. Sky got Taye’s letter, but he didn’t come for the funeral.”

      Resentment edged Rose’s voice. Ellie tried to find the right words. “Did you want him to come? Do you want to marry him?”

     “No! Yes! Oh, lord, I don’t know.” Rose sprang up from the bed to pace. “Six years ago I’d rather have married a tarantula. But I want a baby and unless there’s a miracle, I won’t have one unless Sky comes back.”

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