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One Way Farm Wrap

shalw. 1I designed (if a very simple knitted wrap can be called a design!) a shawl for the raffle basket my friend Jessica and I donated to Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together last weekend. I received a number of complimentary comments on the shawl, and so I typed up the pattern. This is so easy that a pattern isn’t needed, but a lot of knitters prefer something written down as opposed to vague verbal directions. See the link below for the pattern (such as it is!)


ONE WAY FARM WRAPdownload (7)


I designed and knit this super easy shawl for a raffle basket at Lori Foster’s Annual Reader & Author Get Together. The proceeds from the raffle go to One Way Farm, so I named it after them. That non profit organization helps abused and abandoned kids and those with disabilities. They do good work. Learn more about them here: www.OneWayFarm.org.

The shawl is light enough to wear around your neck like a scarf, but it can be draped around the shoulders to keep you warm in an overly air conditioned restaurant or theater.

You can click the link for a printable pdf file of the pattern.  One Way Farm Wrap

Hope you enjoy knitting it!


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