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Tuesday Teaser 8/11/15: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

Wolf’s Princess has been out for a little more than a week! Thank you so much, everyone who has left a comment or posted a review on Amazon or another retailer or GoodReads. I love reviews,  even the not happy reviews, because they help other readers decide whether or not they might like to try a book from a new-to-them author. I think a lot of readers are like me. It feels safer to buy a book from an author we know we like, or if a review gives us enough info to want to try it. I think my stories are good (I hope I don’t sound like a big-headed egotist here. I’m really not, I swear!) and people would enjoy them if they tried them.  Wolf’s Princess is selling nicely. It’s certainly not on any bestsellers lists, but the ratings I’ve seen and the reviews let me know that people are generally happy with the story. Nothing makes me giddier than to know that people enjoy reading my stories. Five years ago I hadn’t published a single thing because I was afraid no one would like my stories. Boy, am I ever glad I worked up the courage to submit Sleeping With the Wolf to Liquid Silver Books!


In all the excitement last week with the new release I somehow completely forgot to post the Tuesday Teaser from Daughter of the Wolf Clan. Mea Culpa! To apologize, I’m posting ALL of Chapter Seven. Because of its length, I’m attaching a link to it rather than posting all 10 pages of it here. I haven’t reviewed this, so there are probably even more boo-boos then usual. Please overlook them and enjoy!  🙂


Chapter Seven


They had run for several hours past dawn before her dad called a rest break at a stream. Olivia waddled off to find a bit of screening brush to hide her while she peed. Being carried made her tired. Or maybe it was just the fact that she was worn out. When she emerged from her hiding place she all but tripped over her dad.

“Dad! Can’t a girl have a little privacy?”

“Not yet,” he answered quietly. “We’re not letting you out of our sight anytime soon.”

She followed him back to the others. Her brothers and Colby, in wolf form, lapped water from the stream. They looked up at her, water dripping from their muzzles, before shifting back to human.


Click To Continue to the next page to Read Chapter Seven


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