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Tuesday Teaser 9/16/14 Sky & Rose

10632999Well, we’re done with Wolf’s Lady. That means I need to find something else to post on Tuesdays. Maybe I’ll start a new novella to share, but for now I want to concentrate on Sky and Rose’s story, so I think I’ll just post short snippets from Wolf’s Princess. Here is a bit  with Rose and Sky weeding the garden at the den and talking. Imagine them on their knees in the grass at the edge of the garden on a cool early fall morning. They’re not quite comfortable with each other yet, not sure where their relationship is going to go. I’m including a pic, just in case you forgot what Sky looks like now that he’s been living in the big city.


Sky said, “The woman was Ms. Mary, owner of one of the business establishments in Omaha. She took us home with her, gave us a hot lunch, and offered us each a freebie in gratitude.”

“A freebie?” Rose could guess what a freebie at a whorehouse would be. A slender little snake of jealousy uncurled in her belly. “Did you accept?”

“No! Be careful with that claw thing. You could hurt somebody.”

Rose sent the claw thudding deep into the earth and glared at him. “I bet you wanted to.”

He raised his hands. “I was a seventeen-year-old boy. Of course I wanted to. But even if I had tried to go through with it, my wolf wouldn’t have let me. You were the only one he would accept.” His voice dropped to a sexy whisper that sent a heated shiver through her. “And you were the only one I wanted.”

What do you think? Sexy? Dorky?


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