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Tuesday Teaser 9/23/14-Sky’s Evening

I’m moving right along with Wolf’s Princess. I’m a little past the halfway point in the rough draft. Here’s a little snip I wrote last week:


Sky loosened his tie as he climbed the stairs to the top floor. The house was quiet, the guests were gone, the money was counted and placed in the safe in his office. It had been a grindingly long day, and he hadn’t seen his mate since breakfast fifteen hours ago. His need to see her had burned in his chest every minute of the evening. Knowing she was in the house was a taunt that drove his wolf crazy.

He came to the top of the steps and went into the bathroom. The sight of Rose’s comb and toothbrush made him smile. She was here. His mate was here. He stripped, hung his tie on the doorknob, tossed his clothes into the hamper, and took a quick shower. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he stepped out of the bathroom. Rose’s door drew him like a magnet. He paused there, listening for her breathing, inhaling her scent.

How had he lived without that scent flowing through him, rousing his wolf and calming it at the same time? Carefully, trying to be quiet, he turned the knob and opened the door a few inches. After only a day, the air in Ms. Mary’s old room was saturated with Rose’s scent. She lay on her back under the feminine pink quilt, her face turned to the door, showing her lashes as golden arcs against her pale cheeks. Sky shifted his weight, ready to step to the bed to be closer to his mate, but a new scent caught him. On the end of the bed, draped over his mate’s ankle, glowered her horrible cat.

Lupine and feline glared at each other for a long minute. If that cat weren’t here he would have touched Rose’s face with his lips. Damned cat. With one last deep inhale, Sky silently left, closing the door behind him. It was time to begin wooing his mate. Tomorrow, he would kiss her. Not the chaste pecks he gave her at breakfast. A real kiss, when he could take his time to let his lips and his tongue tell her how much he wanted her. If he were lucky, maybe he’d get to do more.


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