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Tuesday Teaser-Eddie’s Prize

As promised, I’m posting a short teaser from Eddie’s Prize. I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off, getting ready for the Annual Reader & Author Get Together. We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 6am and should arrive at the hotel in West Chester, OH Thursday afternoon. I’ll be sure to post some pix from that event.


       The Madison family looked startled as Carla and Lisa explained everything that had happened since yesterday morning when they boarded the plane in Minneapolis.  Brianna and Mrs. Madison made sounds of horror and sympathy when they described the way the plane bucked and fell, nearly completely out of the pilot’s control, to the earth. The blood and the screams of the dying … Lisa’s mind stuttered to a stop when she remembered the little boy who had cried so weakly in her arms until his struggling heart finally stopped beating. The mild look of wonder and the half-smile on his face had stayed even after he had died. Lisa would never forget it as long as she lived.

       Carla was matter-of-fact. “We need to send an air ambulance. Some people were badly hurt but still alive when we left the plane.”

       “An airplane,” said Mayor Madison, shaking his head with wonder. “You think it’s about thirty or forty miles west of here, and a bit north. You can leave that to me. I’ll round up some men and we’ll get things taken care of. Meanwhile, you gals should go on upstairs and get a good rest.”

       A weight fell off Lisa’s shoulders. She had actually been worried that they wouldn’t be able to get help for the survivors they had left behind. She paid attention the pie on her plate. Lisa normally didn’t eat pie; it wasn’t in her diet plan, and as a model she had to work hard to keep her figure perfect. But this was really good. And even though a half hour ago she had felt nauseous in the wagon, she found now that she was really hungry. When she got back to L.A. she’d skimp a little bit to make up for it, but right now she scooped up the last bite of pie with pleasure.

       Mrs. Madison noticed. “You look like pie isn’t on the menu for you too often.”

       “Not too often,” Lisa agreed with a smile. “It was wonderful. Thank you.”

       “Now, there,” said the mayor heartily. “You’re a bit on the scrawny side, but you have nice manners. A man should consider more than just looks when he’s shopping for a wife.”

       “Uh,” said Lisa blankly.

       “Now, Ray,” said his wife severely. “You get going. There’s plenty to get done for these girls. There’s no time to waste.”

       “That’s a fact.” Ray nodded and got up. “Eddie, you’re with me. Honey, we’ll likely miss supper. Don’t keep anything for us, we’ll grab a bite when we get back.”

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