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On the Mend

Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with pneumonia, and I did feel pretty darned crappy. I’ve been on antibiotics, plus two different inhalers and a steroid, and today I’m feeling pretty good. It used to feel like my left lung was a garage for a small red-hot brick with sharp edges that cut me every time I breathed. Very uncomfortable. And my temperature fluctuated between 100.6 and 102.4. I’m much better today. A little tired, because I’ve been running around getting stuff ready for the Annual Reader & Author Get Together next weekend, but definitely on the mend. 

My friend Jess and I have been getting goodies together for the raffle basket we’re donating. It will contain a handknit shawl, the 1st two After the Crash books in paperback, some chocolates, a nook simple touch ereader with a handsewn cover, a gift card to Barnes & Noble and the basket itself is a hand woven purse from South America.

Lots still to do, but we’re not leaving until Wednesday morning. Best thing? I’m on vacation now until Wed June 6!


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