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Tuesday Teaser July 1, 2014 Wolf’s Lady Part 24

Okay, you’ll all going to want to kill me. I promised the wedding night scene for this week’s teaser, but I didn’t finish it.  I’m leaving you hanging here but I have a really good reason. I got so busy with Sky and Rose’s story, that I ran out of time. I promise I will finish it in a few days. Meanwhile, I am attaching the first 5 pages as a word docx. The first four pages could be posted here, but the last page is a teeny bit steamy. I don’t want young people to stumble over it on accident. If you are 18 years old (or the age of adulthood in your country)  click below to read the next tidbit in Sand and Amanda’s story. It will take you to the download page. Thank you for your patience!


 Wolf’s Lady Wedding Night Part 1

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