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Happy Fourth of July!


Here in the States, we’re celebrating our Independence Day.  For most of us that means, picnics, parades, and Fireworks.

Well, I have some fireworks to set off too.  Rose and Sky will be pretty explosive.  Click Here to read the first two chapters UNEDITED of Wolf’s Princess.


Happy Fourth and Happy Reading!

8 Responses to Happy Fourth of July!

  • Happy Fourth of July to you. Thank you for the teaser but way to to leave us hanging. I hope it won’t be long before the whole book is published.

  • That was bloody brilliant I need more NOW Maddy xx you’re a superstar xx go get some pizza xx

  • I loved it. What a way for them to meet again after such a long time, tension could be cut
    with a knife at this stage. Talk about a big ooops, possible new beau and old beau coming face to face this early in the game. Even knowing that there will hopefully be a happy ending, it’s interesting that Rose’s first reaction to the stranger(Sky) is instand dislike along with the acknowledgement of liking his strong physique. 🙂
    Oye weh, the wait for the rest will seem like eternity.
    Great stuff. Loved it.

    • Thanks, Gabriele! After I do some laundry, take out the trash and pay some bills, I’m going to sit down for 5 or 6 hours and WRITE! It’s about time for Sky to meet Rose’s pretty little kitty cat from hell.

  • It had never occurred to me before reading this how ridiculous Sky’s behavior has been. Rose has been making an effort with writing and knitting things, but Sky has barely had any contact. I imagine he did it because it would be easier for him to distance himself, but quite frankly, he’s lucky Rose waited as long as she did… I know I wouldn’t have! Although I’d understand if she’s too flustered to do so, I would love to see Rose swat Sky down for threatening Jasper. This reunion is going to be wonderful and hopefully pretty explosive at times!! =D

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