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Tuesday Teaser November 4, 2014: Wolf’s Princess

Happy Tuesday! If you are a US citizen, don’t forget to vote!


This may be the last teaser from Sky and Rose’s story. I can’t give too much away! I believe I will beginning posting snippets from a short story I have a third of the way written called Daughter of the Wolf Clan. It’s about Olivia Stensrud, the daughter of Tami and Tracker, and the man who decides she’s the woman for him. He also believes he has the right to steal her. He waves away Olivia’s warning that her father will track them down and rescue her. He’s lived in the wild all his life, and he doesn’t believe anyone could follow his trail.


I think he’s in for a surprise, don’t you?


But now, here’s a snip from Wolf’s Princess. The men who came with Rose and Sky from the den have gotten off the train and walked to Sky’s house while Sky and Rose are dining with the mayor. Enjoy!


Deep inside Paint felt his wolf whine when Sky’s house came into sight. The sign on the fence read:


The Sky’s The Limit

A Gentlemen’s Club

Visiting Hours: 6:00pm to 1:00am Tuesday through Thursday

6:00pm to 2:00am Fridays and Saturdays

Private Entertainment by appointment only


He didn’t blame the wolf; he didn’t like living here either. Two years ago he’d spent a few months as one of the bouncers in Sky’s House, and when he went home to the Clan he swore he’d never come back. But Rose needed him. When Taye asked if he’d be part of her escort he couldn’t refuse. So here he was, leading five other men of the Pack, all laden with Rose’s luggage, down the street to the gate in the stone fence around Sky’s house.

As they stood around the gate awaiting entrance, the cat let out another howl. The stupid thing had cried the whole way across town and Paint had an urge to lift the lid on the basket and let the cat run away.

“I love Rose,” Stone remarked. “But I wish she’d left the cat at home.”

The gate opened and Beck Carr, one of the burly men Sky hired as guards, smiled a welcome. “Paint!” he said in a quiet bellow. “Good to see you. Snow, you too. Where’s Sky?”

Paint walked through the gate. “He’s eating supper with the mayor. We’re all staying on for a month or so. This is Standing Bear, White Horse, Stone, and Mike.”

Beck Carr’s narrow eyes, almost hidden under his thick eyebrows, were staring, horrified, at the basket. His flattened nose wrinkled. “What is that stink?”

Paint lifted the basket. “This is Mitzi. She’s been in this basket for hours. The little pile of sand in the corner doesn’t do much to absorb the smell.”

The guard locked the gate with a scowl. “We got all the mousers we need.”

“Mitzi isn’t a mouser. She’s Rose’s pet.”

“Who’s Rose?”

“Sky’s wife.” Paint led the others toward the house. “We’ll see you later, Carr.”

Carr’s mouth fell open, showing gaps between brown teeth. “Sky’s what?” he bellowed at their backs.

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