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Tuesday Truth & Teaser: 10/28/14

Tomorrow (Wednesday October 29) is the day of my Facebook Party to celebrate my After The Crash series! Have you ever wondered about some little point in the stories? Or if someone will ever have a mate? Tomorrow is your chance to ask me any question and I’ll do my best to answer.  That’s the Tuesday Truth part of this post. The Teaser part is below.  🙂  Hope to “see” you tomorrow night!


Shopping in Omaha was so different than in Kearney. For one thing, Tasha went out the door while Rose remained in the foyer, waiting for their escort. Tasha popped her head back in. “Aren’t you coming?”

“Well, yeah, but where’s our escort?”

“Escort?” Tasha frowned in confusion, then nodded in comprehension. “Oh, yeah, your whistle. Go get it. I’ll wait here.”

“No, I mean…” Rose stared, her mouth half open, realization seeping through her. “You mean we can go by ourselves?”

The other woman looked as confused as Rose felt. “Unless you want to wait for Cayla or Michelle to go with us. But they won’t be up for another hour probably. They both had late appointments last night.”

Rose shook her head. “Be right back.”

It took only a few minutes to hurry to the back of the house, up the narrow stairs to her room on the top floor, pick up her whistle from the dresser, and hurry back. She and Tasha walked down the street, chatting about clothes. Rose found herself glancing around as they walked. It was a beautiful neighborhood full of beautiful homes, but she noticed that with only part of her brain. The rest was busy trying to identify why she felt exposed. She had all her clothes on, didn’t she? Every few steps she patted her whistle or brushed a hand over the hilt of her knife hidden beneath her blouse.

After a block, Tasha stopped. “What on earth is wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Rose patted her whistle again. “I feel naked. This is the first time in eight years that I’ve gone anywhere without a male escort. I keep looking around to see where they are.”

“Good lord! Women really are kept on a leash out west? I heard that, but it’s ridiculous.” Tasha tugged her arm. “Come on, I don’t want to miss the express. It’s not like that here. Women are safe.”

Rose felt a smile grow on her lips. Having to be escorted everywhere had irked her. Now she was free. Some things about Omaha were horrifying. Being able to go shopping with a friend instead of six growling wolves was not one of them.


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