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Tuesday Teaser – Sleeping With the Wolf

Here is a short teaser from Sleeping With the Wolf, the first book in my After the Crash series. Taye is trying to explain to Carla that it was his wolf who chose her as their mate:


“Your wolf was the one who picked me to be your mate?” Carla tucked a heavy lock of her walnut brown hair behind her ear and studied Taye as if he were a Where’s Waldo poster. When he was in human form she saw no sign of his wolf.

“He did. To be his special companion. He wants you to be the person who belongs to him, kind of like … a horse belongs to a human.”

Carla stared at him blankly. “A horse?”

Taye frown and shook his head. “That’s not a good description. It’s like…”

As Taye trailed off, obviously frustrated to not be able to explain better, another man stepped up to the table. He had light brown hair in a tangled mess hanging in his face and past his shoulders and vivid green eyes peering through it. “I heard my father explain it once to my mother. He said that to his wolf, she was like the only warm house in the middle of a deadly blizzard. She gave him a safe place to shelter in, one that was just for him, and he would take care of that safe place and defend it from intruders.”

Carla’s mouth formed an “Oh,” without sound. Then, “Is that why the wolf doesn’t want me to shake hands with other men? He thinks that might let them into his safe shelter?”

“Exactly,” said Taye with relief. He rested a hand on the other man’s arm. “Thanks, Quill.”

Quill had a shy smile of surpassing sweetness, and Carla reduced her estimate of his age from early twenties to late teens.

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