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Welcome to Maddy Barone’s stop on the Sexy Summer Solstice Blog Hop! If you fall off the train, just click  http://justromance.me/ to get back on. Or if you have stumbled on this post and want to join, click that same link above.

I know other participants are writing short stories and all kinds of other good stuff, but I’m deep in writing Eddie’s Prize, Book 4 in the After the Crash series, so I thought I’d just post a few of the pix I’ve collected as inspiration. Enjoy!


This is Eddie Madison, the hero of Eddie’s Prize. He’s nearly 26, with a slim build, shoulder-length golden blond hair and turquoise eyes. In the post-apocalyptic world he lives in, women are few. He is the son and heir of the most powerful man in his area, but if he wants a wife, he has to enter a Bride
Fight and win her.




Lisa Anton was an international fashion model before the plane she was on crashed in a desolate future where strong men rule by might. When she first sees Eddie she thinks he’s a  golden sex god. She’s worked with many handsome male models in her career, but Eddie tops them all.


There you go, a little eye candy! It’s just the heat of the summer sun that has your cheeks flushed and your eyes glazed, right? Yeah, me too.











24 Responses to Blog Hop!

  • A Bride Fight is going to make for an interesting read!

  • 🙂 Love the eye candy and you just go on finishing Eddie’s Prize. I am waiting for it. LOL

  • That would definitely inspire me ;D Thanks for sharing and happy solstice!

  • HOP…Sounds like a fab read.

  • Ooh, I have no problem with that eye candy at all! 😈

  • agreed. inspirational!!! thanks for the hop!

  • Your book sounds very interesting I would love to read it. I’ve added it to my book wish list and marked it with a heart so that I don’t forget that it’s a must read 🙂 I also liked your eye candy.


  • I love the fact that other authors go out looking for inspiration too when crafting characters. Two very sexy ones here!

  • Great inspiration!!

  • I have been following this series and I love it! Taye and Shadow are my favorite Alphas, although I enjoy Des’s strong, silent character as well. Tracker was so sweet and I love that he finally got in touch with his wolf. Stag was my favorite because I think he was way too good for Sherry. She just complained too damn much and was so back and forth about whether she wanted Stag or not. But Maddy Barone engaged all of my emotions with her “After the Crash” series and I have been patiently awaiting Eddie’s story. I can’t wait to find out what his dark secret is. And I hope he shapes up soon and starts treating Lisa the way she is meant to be treated. After all, women are too valuable to be miserable the way she has been in the past few books.

    By the way Maddy, is that Travis Fimmel that you used for the model?!?! I believe the second picture looks like him more than the first. I loved him in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series and I watched him on Tarzan.

    • The second pic is Travis. I have no idea who the first one is. 🙂 Thanks for you kind words about the stories. I just LOVE to know that people enjoyed them.

  • Sounds great!

  • Like the pictures. As I always say, I may be old, but I’m not blind.

  • There is nothing ever wrong with eye candy! So you won’t hear any complaining from me!


  • The idea of a bride fight is an interesting one 😈

  • I love your inspiration for Eddie that you posted, and this book definitely sounds interesting and the bridge fight had me thinking about to the one book I read that had one. I have read your first book in this series, and didn’t realize that it was a series.

  • These characters sound intriguing.

  • A bride fight? Interesting look at the future…

  • A bride fight? That sounds like an interesting look at the future.

  • thanks for sharing those pictures with us and happy solstice

  • I love a man with long hair. So hot! ;D You book sounds great! Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop! And thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  • Oh, Eddie is positively yummy!! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to read about that Bride Fight.


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