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Tuesday Truth: 4/23/13 Wolf’s Prize

The rough draft  of After the Crash Book 5 Wolf’s Prize is done!

Mind you that is only the first step in getting the book completed. I need to:

1. Go back and do some revisions. There’s a fairly lengthy scene I want to add, and some details I need to remove, and a plot point I need to play up a bit more. I may do some re-writing of the last few pages.

2. But before I do all that I want the story to sit for a few days so I can come at it fresh.

3. Revisions should take about a week.

4. Then it gets sent to the beta readers for them to read it and let me know if it works forthem or if there are some scenes or dialogue that needs work.

5. I take all the commetns and suggestions into consideration and do a final revision.

6. Submit to the publisher.

After that is a whole nother sent of revisions, then editing, then line editing, then Release Date.  Geez, it’s like giving birth!

2 Responses to Tuesday Truth: 4/23/13 Wolf’s Prize

  • I LOVELOVELOVE your books. Love. Seriously, I’ve read each one at least 4 times. I like your concept & the way you handle dialogue & emotion… and smut. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the highly competent editing. I hate when sloppy editing ruins an otherwise good book & your writing is a case of a great story emphasized by great editing.
    I’m so excited to see that there’s more in the works! I can’t wait!

    PS – The SCA involvement may have pushed you over the top, into my 5 favorite authors… I haven’t been to Pennsic in many years, but I miss it like crazy!

  • Thank you so much, Dana! I’m always glad to hear when people enjoy my stories. Writing started out as a hobby, but after my first story was accepted by Liquid Silver it turned into a pretty busy second job. I’ve been very happy with the editors they’ve assigned me. I’ve been so busy writing that I don’t make it to too many SCA events. But I’m autocratting one at the end of May, so I’ll be plenty involved with that one!

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