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Tuesday Teaser 4/30/13-Wolf’s Prize

Today I’ll be working on revisions for Wolf’s Prize. I’m really happy with it. Here’s a tiny tidbit for you.

     Quill lifted his head to look down at her and her breasts protested the absence of his mouth. “Better stop,” he said in a rough tone.

     “Stop?” Ellie echoed, drowning in the desperate heat he roused in her.

     It was too dark to make out his expression, but she could see him nod. “I’m not going to take advantage of you.”

     She almost cried, “Why not?” before swallowing the words unspoken. He had agreed to wait for their wedding night, and the darned honorable man was going to keep his promise. That should have made her happy, right? Right?

One Response to Tuesday Teaser 4/30/13-Wolf’s Prize

  • Loved your excerpt for this book, and now this teasing ‘tidbit’…you’re killing me here, lol! I’m ready for this book! Thanks for sharing, even if I’m dying from wanting/needing more… ;D *thankyoumoreplease*

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