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Tuesday Truth 5/7/13-Audiobooks

I am working with Brick Shop Audio to have Sleeping With the Wolf (After the Crash #1) made into an audiobook!

In the last few months I’ve discovered audiobooks. I’ve always been aware of talking books, but I never really got into them until recently. At my job I have several hours everyday where I can listen to radio, music, etc, on headphones. But listening to the same music over and over was getting really boring. Now I’m absolutely hooked on the In Death books by JD Robb. The narrator of those does a wonderful job. I got to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if my books were available in audio?”

Well, after checking with some writer friends I found out about ACX, the Audio Creative Exchange.  It doesn’t have to cost anything if you agree to share royalties with the producer, so I figured what the heck. I listed my first book, invited some narrators to audition and in a week had several samples to listen to.

 I am extremely excited about this. I listened to 9 different auditions by both male and female actors and chose a woman named Amanda Rinzel, with Brick Shop Audio. I liked the pace and cadence of her voice and the way she voiced the different characters. The goal is to have the narration finished and approved by July 1, 2013. I’m not sure how long it takes for the audiobook to go live, but I wouldn’t think it would be too long after that. I’ve contacted my cover artist, Lyn Taylor, about reworking the cover art. I’ve found her work to be beautiful and affordable. So I think everything is on track. I’ll keep everyone updated about when the book will be available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

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  • I’ve heard good things about working with ACX. Hope that all goes well!

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