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Tuesday Teaser 5/21/13 – Ellie and Quill

In the light of the rising sun, Ellie looked down at her folded hands, noticing the grime under the nails with resignation. Keeping clean while traveling on horseback was so hard. She glanced quickly at Quill’s hand where it rested on her knee and saw that it was amazingly clean. Perhaps all dirt disappeared when he transformed from wolf back to human? How unfair was that? But that wasn’t the topic of conversation.

“All I want is to never be far away from my family ever again. I loved Neal, but we argued about moving so far away from everyone and everything we knew.” She drew a deep trembling breath. “I’m ashamed to admit it, but when he died and left us alone I was angry with him. So angry.”

“I will always protect you.” The sun had peeked over the horizon and shot rosy golden rays to gleam in Quill’s tawny curls. He ducked his head to look deeply into her eyes. “The entire Clan is your family now, and they will care for you and Connor and Tommy. You’ll never be alone again.”

His words made her dream come true. Greatly daring, she put a hand on the back of his neck to pull him down to her lips. His eyes widened. She felt his heart thundering against her breast. She closed her eyes and kissed him. She had meant to give him a quick peck of gratitude, but when he sighed against her lips she couldn’t help but open her mouth to catch his breath. She forgot her teeth needed brushing and her hair was tangled mess and her clothes were crumpled and dew damp. He smelled so good and his body was so warm against her she forgot everything but the taste of his mouth when she slid her tongue over his.

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