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Tuesday Truth 9/1/15: Enter To Win an Amazon Gift Card!

Tomorrow there will be a teaser  from Kit’s Point of View. But for today, I think it’s time I settled on a title for Kit and Olivia. I am not a graphic artist, and just trying to make a cover brings me to tears of frustration. But I’ve slapped together 3 mock ups of a cover for this story, with the three titles. These are only mock ups and I’ll fine tune whichever one we settle on. This will be a freebie available through Wattpad and here on my website. I want it to be as good as it can be, but I am really just an amateur.  I don’t want to spend money for a freebie because I’m cheap like that 🙂


Anyway, leave a comment below to vote for which cover is your favorite and why, and on Friday September 4th I will draw a name to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. The drawing will be at 6:00pm central daylight time and I will email the winner to let them know they have $10 (or the equivalent thereof in the currency of their country) to spend. Labor Day weekend + book money = Happy Reader!



Oh, and just so you know, if none of these titles and/or covers appeals to you, feel free to nominate something else.

               Good Luck!




69 Responses to Tuesday Truth 9/1/15: Enter To Win an Amazon Gift Card!

  • Maddy,

    I like the middle. You can see his tattoo well and the lion is OK. The top lion is my favorite though.

  • #3 Daughter of the Wolf Clan is my favorite title. Love your books and teasers

  • Liked the bottom of #1 the top of #2 graphics. Liked the lion in # 2.

  • Of the 3, I like the third the best – Kit’s more in focus, and the title appeals to me. 🙂 Make no mistake, i’m buying it no matter WHAT the title or cover… and I’m going to enjoy it, so 😛

  • Since kit is a cat and Olivia is a wolf it should be # 1. I also like Cat Scratch Fever!!! Lol

  • I like the last one – Daughter of the wolf clan.

  • The middle one!

  • I like the graphics of #1, but like the lion in #2. I like the title Olivia’s Mate, but it needs to be position like the title on #3 is. I also like how you have the Daughters of the Wolf Clan on #2. So, I think if you combine a few things from each one onto one that make a really good cover.

  • I like #2 the best…but the name Olivias Mate ..

  • I like the third cover. It is clear, the colors are bright, your name is clear. Can you move the model a little to the left and place the title above his right shoulder like your name is on the second cover? Olivia’s Mate is a good title since it is Daughters of the Wolf series.

  • I like the title of Olivia’s Mate but I like the middle cover the best!

  • I like #3 but use #1’s title in a lighter color. I like the softness of the sky and Sun. Also, Kit’s tattoo needs to be seen and be able to read.

  • I like the third one best. The title and your name look best on this one.

  • I like the second one!

  • i like # 1 the best for the title. I think it should be about Olivia as she is a sequel (new children’s story line). Olivia carries the series forward I think, Plus really, I just like it.

  • By the way, is Kit really going to have a tattoo? I don’t remember one.

  • I like #2 for the cover but I kinda like the title on #3. (Sorry)

  • I like the first cover because I love looking at the setting. I think the setting really ties in together with the rest of the books. However, I prefer the title of the book to be “Daughter of The Wolf Clan” because it doesn’t sound corny or like any other typical title.

  • The last one is my favorite! I just love the title!

  • I really like the way it blends with the background and I really like the way it sounds

  • I prefer #3 Daughter of the wolf clan much better the others are obvious.

  • “Olivias Mate” #1…the top one. Primarily because those mountains are just beautiful! I can totally picture the wolves running around the mountains and getting into trouble. And I get a much better picture for where tracker and Tammi were.

    I like the 3 one also…but not as much. And for a book with a hot guy on the cover “Daughter of the Wolf Clan” seems a smidge out of place.

    And I’m going back to read Wolfs Glory a fourth time while I wait!

  • Like number three best.

  • The third one just seems to come together better.

  • I like #3

  • I like a hybrid of all 3covers: the cat and background of 1, the close up of Kit from 2, and the title of 3 – unless, of course ‘Daughters of the Wolf Clan’ becomes a series and then it will have to be ‘Olivia’s Mate’ IMHO

  • I prefer #3 ‘Daughter of the Wolf Clan’ as a title but I really love the background to title #1. Beautiful mountains! The kitty cat is purr-fect too!

  • Hello, I like cover#3. But I think the title should be Olivia’s Cat.

  • I like #3 best because it really stands out.

  • Hi I love the background of cover 1 – but Kit and the cougar of cover two! THANK YOU FOR GIVING YOUR READERS A VOICE!

  • I like the name Daughter of the Wolf Clan, maybe add “: Olivia”, so you can write other daughter or son stories, please. Pretty please!

  • i like the background on the first, the cat on the second, and overall, the last one for the name and cover.

  • I like #3. The title seems to go with the story.

  • I like the 3rd cover but like Olivia’s mate for a title. I think you have done a great job with the covers. I am not so talented.

  • I like daughter wolf clan

  • I love book #1 olivia’s mate cover photo because the lion and him look like they had walked threw the beautiful sunset and you just need to read the story to find out what there after. Love perhaps! !

  • I like the second one. I am more drawn to both figures and like the title also and how it is placed on the cover.


  • I like the first one. The background pic is clearer but doesn’t overwhelm the sexy man and cougar.

    Stacy Wilson
    dragn_lady at yahoo dotcom

  • I like the second cover but the title of Olivia’s Mate since it is about the daughters of the wolf clan.

  • OMG, my fave; cover no. 3 DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF CLAN. Divine. Wow, prize amazon gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  • I really like the second. The yellow really makes him POP! The cougar is pretty cool too.

  • As a continuation of the original series, the title-Daughters of the Wolf Clan: Olivia’s Mate appeals to me. The third cover is good but I think the cat should be in the background instead of beside Kit-sort of over his left shoulder. Maddy, I appreciate that you trust our opinions. Thank you and keep writing your fantastic stories!

  • I like the 3rd one, but maybe if possible make the font on your name a little larger.

  • I think I like the second best because of the sun. But, there is a little something different with his hair I don’t like. I definitely like his hair better in the third cover. I usually end up with something totally different in my mind as I’m reading than on the cover.

  • #3 is my favorite and I love the title!

  • Hands down, the first one. The colors in the background set the mood while all the rest of the picture looks well balanced. Very lifelike, as if it is real. It is the one I would pick up first off a shelf to look at. You did well if this is your work, keep doing more.

  • I like the cover three the best but I like the title Olivia’s Mate the best. Only thing that I didn’t like was the guy. He’s a little feminine for my taste.

  • I like #3 and the title is great.

  • Olivia’s Mate is my favorite cover. Very nice!

  • #2 Kit’s Mate – like up closer image

  • The model is androgynous and I think he should look more rugged. I imagine from your description that he is rough but attractive and his features are strong and determined.
    Your past titles were, Wolf’s Princess, Wolf’s Vengence and Wolf’s Oath. Based on your past titles, I would title this book,”Wolf’s Unexpected Mate”

  • I like #2 the best, both the coloring of the background and the font. Plus the image up close is better. And since you have a title for both the book and series, if you write more you will be set. But if the story is about the Daughters, should the title be Olivia’s Mate? I do like the lighter color though, easier to see. 🙂

  • Hi. I like cover 2. As it’s going to be a series though the title on 3 should be on 2. Underneath that either Kit’s Mate, Olivier’s Mate or who the next story is about.

  • I like no. 2 best. The colours are matching. Model and cat are ballanced. And I like the name. 😀

  • Cover one is my favorite because of the mountains and the colors.

  • I like cover #2 because the titles are clear and easy to see! The hunk on the cover has a very feminine face and hair, and scrolling down I wasn’t sure if that was a girl until I saw the chest.

  • I like the cat on the first one, but like the logo on the second one. However in saying this I think the guy should look more rugged considering he is a cat. He looks too soft.

  • #2 is my favorite because it is a close up of the faces of man and beast and I always prefer seeing face detail on a book. Even with Kindle, every once in a while, I look at the picture on the cover to get that image reset in my mind. I prefer faces on the cover over bare chests for this reason.

  • Hi Maddy, I like no. 3’s background, no. 2’s Daughter of The Wolf Clan, and the male model is awesome, but can you make them (Kit and cougar smaller to the back and add a female and wolf to the front or just a female OR vice versa. I also think Kit’s Mate is a Perfect Title….Thank You for writing this series.

  • I like #3. I like the layout with the print and the ability to see the tattoo. The cat could be slightly bigger.

  • I like the cover on #3 and since the series is going to be Daughter of The Wolf Clan, the title from #1

  • I’m voting for #2 but I think the series name should stay Daughters of the Wolf Clans but the title should be Olivia’s Mate with the theme staying as the heroine’s names for each book.

  • #3 for the colors

  • I like #2. It just seems to look the best to me.

  • I like #2 Daughters of the Wolf Clan — Kits Mate. This one is more mysterious, leaves options for further development, and the colors are balanced well. Love the cover model. He is soft as a kitten yet hard as nails and fits the character role kind of like “beauty IN the beast”. Even though he is a fearsome beast you can relate to his awesome beauty and softness.

  • I love #2 but it should have the d as u f hter of the wolf clan on it also,

  • I like #2 – Kit’s Mate the best, because the words don’t interfere with the cover pic, and it’s a much better picture (because it’s a close-up & makes both the cougar & the guy look better).

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