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Tuesday Truth

My truth for today: I have pneumonia. Made an appointment with a doctor about three weeks ago for my asthma/allergies. Things seem usually to get a little worse after March, and in the past I’ve been given a steroid shot that really helps. I’ve had a fever off and on for a month. I went to the doctor, she asked questions, listened to my lungs and ordered a chest X-ray. Then she told me I had pneumonia, wrote perscriptions for about 5 different drugs (antibiotics, prednisone, 2 diferent inhalers for my asthma and rhinocort)  and ordered a steroid shot, too.  She also recommended that I take a few days off work, and I want to. Oh, do I want to! But I’m on vacation starting next week and there is just too much for me to get done before I go.


So, that’s my Tuesday Truth! Next week, I promise a Teaser from Eddies’ Prize.



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