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Updates + Contest! Win Wolf’s Glory

Until 5pm tonight (central time) you can make a comment on my post below to win a free download of Wolf’s Glory or Sleeping With the Wolf.

I have made a few updates to my website. I have fixed the broken link for the excerpt to Sleeping With the Wolf on the Excerpts page. (I hope) Let me know if it still doesn’t work. I also have finished buying my swag to give away at Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together. Just have to assemble the little goodie bags. Hard to believe it’s less than a week away! I am hoping to meet lots of people there.

Wolf’s Glory is releasing today from Liquid Silver Books. If you don’t want to enter my contest to win, you can go there and buy the book. But since the winners will be announced at about the same time the book is made availoable, what can it hurt to enter? Go ahead. Make me type more names into the random name generator. 🙂

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