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Win a Handknit Shawl or a Kindle Paperwhite

Starting this Friday, the Bewitching blog hop by Just Romance Me will begin. The grand prize will be a Kindle Paperwhite ereader, and there will be free books galore, gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and a little shawl I knit myself. Bloggers will have excerpts of their books, eye candy and short short stores for you to enjoy. I have written a short snip of Glory and Shadow one year after the crash. Jump onboard any time on Friday through Sunday afternoon for your chance to win.


6 Responses to Win a Handknit Shawl or a Kindle Paperwhite

  • Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Loved the peek into Glory and Shadow’s future. Thanks so much for the short story. Now I need to hear about everyone else.

  • I always love to have an opportunity to win something! Enjoyed reading your excerpt.

  • I have enjoyed all your books in the Wolf series so far. I look forward to Eddie’s Prize. The peek into Glory and Shadow’s future was great. Will you be writing more future stories like this for your after the crash characters?

    • Hi, Sandi! I am currently writing Wolf’s Prize, about Taye’s little cousin Ellie and Quill, and then I’ll be writing Sky and Rose’s story. AFter that, I may write a couple short stories that will be freebies for my newsletter folks. In fact, I am writing a story about Tracker and Tami’s daugther, who is kidnapped by a son of the Clan’s traditional enemies. And I think Snake and Jelly deserve a happy ever after. 🙂

  • Thank you for your work. Your shawl is lovely.

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