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Wolf’s Lady News


     In this day and age of digital publishing (and Amazon) authors have many options in getting their stories out to the reading public. I’d say 99.999% of us write because we have stories we want to tell. Having people read them and then tell us, “I really enjoyed your book!” is the greatest return we could receive for the hours we put into our writing. But making a little monetary income from our work never hurts, you know? My original plan was to release Wolf’s Lady for free everywhere. I’ve since decided to put it up at Amazon for $0.99 in their KU and Select programs. It will go up at Barnes & Noble and Kobo and the iBookstore in March, but that’s not fair to those I told it would be free. So I will be including links for free .ePub, .pdf, and .mobi downloads in the newsletter I will send out next weekend.

     So if you don’t get my newsletter, the sign up link is on the right. I won’t be offended if you sign up in November and cancel in December.  🙂


Happy Reading!

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