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Wolf’s Vengeance Giveaway!

Need something to read this weekend? How about Wolf’s Vengeance?

Template to be used to assemble cover art for Liquid Silver Books.  It was created in PhotoShop CS6.

Template to be used to assemble cover art for Liquid Silver Books. It was created in PhotoShop CS6.

Yes, I know it doesn’t come out until May 26th, but I’m going to give away two downloads (in either ePub or kindle format) on Saturday night at 7:00 pm central time. That’s Saturday, May 17th, just three days away! To enter, just leave a comment below before 6:00 pm on Saturday and tell me one thing you like about the After the Crash series. I will draw 2 names and email the winners. If I don’t hear back by Sunday at noon, I will draw again. (as always, those who receive my newsletter are automatically entered twice to win)

Good luck!


49 Responses to Wolf’s Vengeance Giveaway!

  • This is a no-brainer…. my favorite thing after this series is the value and emphasis placed on how important and/or the roles of women. Today’s society is what I like to call the “age of hooking up” rather than the “age of dating.” In this series, all of that nonsense is bypassed… sex has meaning again because it binds a woman and man (or wolf) together in marriage. It truly is a beautiful thing!

  • I love how fierce yet sweet your heroes always are.

  • I like the characters, women and men. They are well written and I can see them clearly when I’m reading the books.

  • I like the commitment of the men to the women. And of course, there are wolf shifters.

  • I like how the future world comes to life and is fleshed out so well. Really good world building.

  • I love the characters so well written you can’t help but fall into their world.

  • I like how the males are strong, fierce, and totally committed to their women.


  • I find the world Maddy has created to be very compelling. I don’t usually like the dystopian society storylines, but this one really appeals to me.

  • the characters

  • I like the relationships that develop between the wolves and them women who have to adjust to live without all of the luxuries they were used to (ie electricity)

  • I love the fact that normal size women with normal curves is attractive vs skinny “Hollywood” size woman in the future.

  • I like the fact that the woman are not woe is me females. They are not afraid to stand up for them selves, they band together to solve problems, to be productive, but still maintain their feminity.

  • I like the fact that the guys are committed to making their women happy.

  • I like the characters and the paranormal setting

  • Love prevails.

  • I like that i wish i was in the stories and the characters seem so real

  • Love the world you made. Make me feel like I’m there with all the characters.
    And its also shifter stories I love them

    Missy B
    Thank you for the second chance.

  • It’s hard to pick my top favorite but I am amazed at the amount of thought required to develop a future world that evolves after a catastrophic event.

  • There is always a surprise around the corner. Your characters are very well thought out and complex.

  • Only one thing . . . don’t know if I can pick only one – how about two: hot native american wolf shifters & brave, spunky women

  • One thing I like about the After the Crash series is the way the heroes are so completely protective and possessive of their mates (In a good way of course). Thank you for this series, Ms Barone

  • no whiny heroines here

  • One of the many things I love about this series is how these very independent women from the past cope with traveling into the future, but the times seem primitive instead of futuristic. This series is amazing, thank you for the chance!

  • Win or lose I will be getting the next book in this amazing series..

  • I love this series. I like the fact that after the crash, instead of going back in time, it is the future. This is a very different future, not the expected spaceships, instead, it could almost be the past because of the lack of technology.

  • I love the series. Maddy is an amazing writer and an amazing person.

  • I’m finding it had to choose just one reason why I like this series.

    It could be the strength the women find they have, despite what they came from before. Or the different personalities we meet.

    It could be the ongoing stories, the fact that we see glimpses of their life before it’s their turn for their story to be told and then after their H.E.A.

    I love so much about these books, the people come across normal despite the circumstances and their jeans. I’d like to meet them.

  • All of it! But mostly it the way the wolves treat the ladies. Love the HEA too!

  • First off this IS THE BEST SERIES out here…. The whole story line is awesome in its self and besides the paranormal added to it I think our world is headed pretty close to this in a weird kind of way.. and where you have this series back to basic (or my case olden days, olden ways ) in my eyes with a twist one man/ one women as mates and how they find each other and learn how to accept fate and how to survive. It’s truly an amazing story line you have going here and you can keep it going forever and your fans (ME) are going to keep buying this set because it is JUST THAT GOOD!!!!! Thanks Maddy.

  • So many and so little time. I guess I like how the stories are set in a world devoid of modern conveniences and watching how the women adapt to the lack of them and finding something in this new/old world that they might not have found, their HEA!

  • Thanks for chance

  • What is not to love? But for me it is the lifetime of commitment your wolves put into their relationships. Both with their mates and family.

  • I love how u have made the men into such gentlemen x

  • I love the characters of the series but also how it is written. When you are reading, it’s like you are there.

  • i love all your books!

  • I love your story telling. I know the characters are fictional but the stories make them feel like people you could meet any where.

  • I love your world and how you took fated mates to a new level.

  • I love how the characters are written and the respect the wolves show towards women.

  • Love this series…all the characters involved. Especially love how each of the stories are written to lead into the next book. My only regret is how long between each book.

  • Love that it has werewolfes and at least one other shifter in it. I totally love how protective they are of all the females no matter what age, their looks or lack thereof. To skinny? They want to fatten you up. The females are beautiful to them, no matter what, because they represent a future for them all. Without them they would cease to exist. I happened to find Maddy by chance, love all of her books. The new one is coming out just when I’ll have more time to read. School is almost out and Summer School will be over in 4 more weeks after that. Then I’ll be free of working 2 jobs and only working one. 🙂
    It will be so great. 3 months reprieve and almost leisure time.
    Sigh! But I have the bad habit of looking ahead and even so summer has barely begun, I’m looking ahead knowing that fall is just around the next corner. I know I’m such a kill joy, but it is what it is, my reality, that is why I like to take excursions in Maddy’s world.
    And she’s a knitter as well. Can’t loose. Her creativity seems boundless( or should that be endless?). Happy writing and knitting and whatever else you set your mind to. Just keep creating.

  • My favorite thing about the series is the thought you put into how the world might be 50 years after a global disaster like that. The other thing I love about the series is…..hello!! Cute Werewolves!!! 😉

  • The characters and the storyline

  • I love how its the future and the past all rolled into one book. they may have jumped into the future…but their living like the old west, with shape shifters mixed in for some spice.

  • Characters to love!!!!

  • There is so much to love about this series! But two main bits that stand out most to me are the fact that normal size women with curves are seen as attractive in the future, not the skinny thin woman and how cute the hot wolf shifters are with their mates. 😉

  • I love how the heroes see the heart of the heroine and love them. They see beyond the physical. It’s also fascinating to see what the world could be like post-apocalyptic.

  • I like how the men are very protective of their mates and are willing to be patient for love. Also,how the men are great lovers even though most are virgins. They will do anything to please their mate.

  • Well don’t guess I won so it is 2 A.M. on May 26 and I am off to see if I can buy the next book in the series.

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