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Writing Update

Hello! It’s been a while since I gave an update about my writing, so I think it’s time.


First of all, Wolf Tracker is coming out this Monday. Yay for February 6! I’m excited about that. Every book is special to its author, because so much work goes into each one. But Wolf Tracker is a little extra special to me. The heroine, Tami, was raped just before the story starts. She has to deal with the aftermath of that for the entire book. In real life, rape has a huge impact on the victim and on the victim’s family and friends. There is nothing romantic about rape. But how Tracker treats Tami is romantic. He’s not a soft-hearted kind of guy. He’s not well educated. He’s killed a few men here and there. Nobody would call him sweet. But he always puts Tami first. And that is the most romantic thing a guy can do. You’ll see what I mean when you read about their wedding night. Okay, I can admit it, I’m a little in love with Tracker. I adore Taye, but Tracker is my favorite hero. At least for
now. 😉


I’m also working hard on Sherry’s Wolf, the free read I intended to have posted by Valentine’s Day. For some stupid reason I thought I’d be able to dash off a short story and have it ready to go live  in a few weeks time. After all, it was only going to be about 12,000-14,000 words.

Ack! I’m only half done and I’m already at 15,300 words. I guess Stag doesn’t want to be hurried. It’s harder than I thought it would be to write a free story. I want it to be a good story, not just a hurried, lame attempt. But how much should I say that would be spoilers? Am I putting in enough so that someone who never read the series would be able to follow along? Am I putting in so much detail that someone who has read the other books would be bored? The plan was to have this finished and handed over to the critiquer by February 1. Now I’ll be lucky to have the first draft done by March 1. Either I’ll have to ruthlessly chop it down or just go with what Stag wants. And I gotta tell you, Stag always gets what he wants!


One more thing is the Cupid’s Choice Bloghop. It starts this Friday, Feb 10 and goes through Sunday Feb 12th. Follow the hop to win prizes like a Nook Touch,  free books, free downloads of ebooks, giftcards and more. To receive an emailed reminder about the hop, Sign Up Here.

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