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13 Sentences From Tracking Tami

I am buried in revisions for Tracking Tami, Book 3 in the After the Crash series. Tami is a modern woman who runs a wilderness survival school but is thrown into a future where women are treated in some places like possessions. She was married against her will and runs away. Tracker is a loner from the Clan who was hired to find her and bring her back. It’s a long hard chase for both of them. The woman that Tracker expected to be an easy job challenges him every mile of the way.



As she turned to leave the kitchen to get her snare set up something on colorless, papered wall caught her eye. Stapled to the wall was a sun faded, age-yellowed calendar. For the year 2017.


“Sky,” Rose uttered with loathing.

Tracker politely pretended to not notice this sign of discord in his young cousin’s mating.  He would allow himself be amused by it later when he was alone.


The first thing that struck Tracker when he came back to camp was the rich enticing scent of one particular woman. The second thing was that the damn woman had made off with his dinner.



Tami woke with a silent gasp. The quiet murmur came out of the cold dark like a lover’s whisper.


Helpless was one thing she was not. Tracker wiped at the blood on his face with the back of his wrist.


There we go. 13 sentences from my WiP Tracking Tami. What are you writing or reading these days?

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