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Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Mine has been very, very busy, since I’m hosting my family’s Christmas get together.  I look around at the glitter and stray scraps of bright wrapping paper on my living room carpet and wonder why I bothered to vacuum? And cleaning the guest bedroom (which is also my sewing room and office), making the bed, setting out fresh towels, etc, took me THREE hours yesterday, and my brother has spent hardly any time in there! But it’s all worth it. I see him only once a year or so.


I love seeing my brothers and sister, and I’m so glad to have them with me for Christmas, but to be perfectly honest I’ll be happy when they’ve all gone home. My plan for tonight? A hot bath with scented bath salts from Japan, a good book, and a good night’s sleep.


How about you? Do you set aside some reading time? If you haven’t gotten it already, Wolf’s Lady is free on Amazon for the next few days. Here’s the link for Amazon.com.  And HERE is the link for Amazon.uk   And the entire catalogue of books at Liquid Silver Books is 40% off! That should give you many hours of reading enjoyment. What a wonderful way to unwind from the stress of the holidays.


Happy Reading!

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