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Tuesday Teaser 123014: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

This next section in Kit and Olivia’s story doesn’t have a lot of action, just a bit of information from Kit’s point of view. The cat pride is very different from the Wolf Clan, as you’ll learn. Enjoy!


Kit climbed the steep slope to his lair, carrying his mate tightly against his chest. His cave was a hundred yards from the rest of the Pride. They all knew he preferred to be alone. He brought his kills to the Pride to share, and sometimes went to them to give sex to one of the queens, but rarely did any of them come closer to him than the bottom of the slope. He would still share his kills with them, after he had set aside a portion for his human female, but he wouldn’t be giving the queens sex any longer. He had a mate of his own now, like Justin. He wondered how Justin was doing living with his mate’s human pride. Kit could never live under such confining conditions. He was a cougar for all that he couldn’t make a full change. Living in a human pride would kill him. Even if his human mate begged him to join her pride he would refuse.

In his arms, Olivia was still deep in the sleep he’d laid on her. He walked into his lair and paused to inhale her scent. His. His mate. That scent made him want to roll around in it. He needed to have her scent on him, marking him as hers. He wanted her to smell of him. Gently he put her down on the tangle of woven wool blankets he habitually curled on to nap. When would she wake? When she did, would she want him to service her immediately? He put his nose close to her crotch to sniff. She was human so he couldn’t tell if she were in heat. Often Maria, Tricia and Juanita demanded sex even when they weren’t in heat. She smelled good there. It was a happy scent. That is, her scent made him happy. He growled in anticipation.

What should he do until she woke? She needed grooming. The small cuts from his claws still hadn’t healed. That was something he could do for her. Carefully, gently, he licked over her face. She tasted of tears and her throat shamed him with the old blood from where he had accidently cut her skin with his claws. He hadn’t meant to hurt her, but she had tried to deny him. He would have to learn to control himself around her. As a human, she was frighteningly fragile. His clawed fingers fumbled a little with the buttons on her shirt, but he was able to remove it and the thick undershirt she wore beneath it. He stared in confusion at the strips of fabric she had wrapped around her chest. Was it a bandage? He sniffed cautiously for blood and decided it must be something she used to protect her teats. He wanted to lick her there. Maria loved to have her teats licked and nipped. He left her chest wrappings alone and carefully groomed her belly, shoulders and back with slow swipes of his tongue.

How long would she sleep? Any of his pridemates would have thrown off his compulsion by now. Humans were weaker that cats. Maybe it would take her longer to wake up. He would wait for her to wake to service her, but he wanted her right now. At least he could rub against her and absorb her scent while he waited for her. She wore boots and socks and heavy pants with a belt and a knife on the belt. He approved of the knife. As a human female she had neither claws nor strong sharp teeth with which to defend herself. A knife was a good thing for her to have. He removed her pants, socks and boots, but decided to leave the cloth she wore around her hips in place too. He would love to groom the pink flesh between her legs, but she might be angry if he did that without her invitation.

He pondered that. Did he have to wait for an invitation? She belonged to him. When he’d first found her she had tried to deny him. Now that she was here, in his lair, wearing his scent, she would realize that she must submit to him. But he should at least wait until she woke. Females could be moody and unreasonable when it came to sex. So he satisfied himself with sniffing the rich scent from her female place and cleaning thoroughly between her toes and along the arch of her slender feet.

After he had finished grooming her he realized that with the sun down his lair was cooling rapidly and her body was chilled. She was human and would feel the cold more than he did. He had never had a fire in any of his lairs before, but he’d never had a weak human female either. A small fire would be good for her. He could put her clothes back on her too, but he didn’t want anything between their bodies when she woke and demanded sex. His pants joined hers on the floor beside them. Was she like Maria who liked her lover to be rough and screamed at him to go faster, thrust into her harder? Would she buck against him, trying to throw him off to force him to dominate her? Or was she like Juanita, who liked to play during sex and cuddle after? Or maybe was she like Tricia who indulged in the act only when her need was riding her hard, and clawed the males away as soon as she was satisfied. He hoped she liked to play. She was so delicate he might break her if she demanded he be rough with her. It was in his nature to take control during sex. Maria loved that. For her, sex was a battle. Playful would be good. He liked to play and he liked cuddling, too. Cuddling Olivia was something he would love to do.

“Wake up, Olivia,” he breathed into her hair. “Wake up, mahmadte.”

9 Responses to Tuesday Teaser 123014: Daughter of the Wolf Clan

  • Wow!! loved it, can’t wait for more!

  • G’day Maddy,
    My mate got me hocked on your books for me birthday and I’ve finished them all by Christmas (that’s a week of reading).
    I can’t wait for the kit vs tracker scene 🙂
    You mentioned Rose and Sky’s story is coming out in spring 2015, I’m in Australia and it’s summer here (that’s tight our Santa wears board shorts lol) could you give me a month to count down too please?

    From Phia,
    With sunshine and hot surfer cuddles

    • Thank you, Phia! I wish I could give you a month, but I’m still writing Wolf’s Princess. I have approximately 20,000 words still to go. I’m hoping now that the holidays are over I’ll be able to put my nose to the grindstone and get it done. I’ll certainly keep folks posted here on my progress. I’m afraid we’ll be s=looking at a summer (which for you is winter, right?) release.

      • Not that it’s much of a winter compared to yours lol
        Good luck with your grindstone 🙂
        I enjoy your characters connection to their inner beasts and the consequences for denying them (such with tracker). I hope sky’s wolf isn’t to injured by being suppressed so long in the city.
        If he were an aboriginal, we would conduct a ritual to re-establish his connection to the land or in sky’s case his beast. I wonder if the Lakota would do similar.

        2 seasons isn’t that long, rose’s child is something I could wait for.
        You can do it Maddy!!!

  • sounds wonderful. i can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    tammy ramey

  • Oh Kit, you will have so much to learn from Olivia. I truly enjoyed this little tidbit Maddy. I’m getting excited to find out what will happen next. I thought it sweet that he cleaned her up, um even though how he was doing it. lol Your stories are never boring that is for sure. So many unanswered questions.. Will he ever become a full man or cat? How will she treat him when they are mated, moreover, how will he treat her? Will they have to live in a cave? Will he ever live around humans? Will her father and brothers ever find her? Will he be gentle, or rough? Thank you for sharing.

  • OMG is Kit ever in for a surprise when Olivia wakes up! Tracker and Tami would have raised a strong daughter, who, I’m sure won’t have any problems putting her mate in his place… and speaking of Tracker – I can’t wait until he catches up with them!

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