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Name My Kitty Contest!



I’m getting a new kitty! She’s very petite, with short white fur and gorgeous blue eyes. All I need now is a name. The shelter calls her Cienna, which is beautiful, but I want something else.  Can you help? Whoever gives me the winning name will receive a $20.00 gift card to Amazon. How does this contest work?

Email me at MaddyContest@gmail.com with the name you think is best for this pretty little girl. Let me know which email addy you’d like the gift card emailed to if you win. Email me before Saturday night at 6pm central time. One entry per person.

I will go through the entries and choose the 10 I like best, then draw from those. The winner will receive a $20.00 gift card for Amazon.com on Saturday evening.

Thank you and Good Luck!!

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