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Risky Readers!

A couple of years ago, while I was at Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together, I had the embarrassing and worrying experience of losing my debit card. Duffy Brown had hosted a guided shopping trip for us, and when I opened my wallet to pull out my debit card so I could buy a cute little Coach purse, the debit card wasn’t there.  Ack! Panic! You can imagine how I felt. I walked across a big parking lot to search the bus we had come on to make a frantic search, and another author came with me to help. Donna McDonald was calm and encouraging even though I was freaking out. I’ve never forgotten her kindness.

Now Donna has started a new blog to help readers find new reading material. She says it’s “A site for romance readers with cross-genre reading habits” which I think is clever. A reader who loves paranormal romance but is getting a little weary of vampires might like to see what books are out there with cyborgs, or ghosts, or elves. Just scrolling through Amazon can be unwieldy, but at her blog you just click a tab and see what is listed. Each title also includes the blurb and an excerpt, and buy links. It is so convenient to find new stuff! The site is new, but growing. Go take a look!




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