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Wolf’s Lady Has Released!

Wolf’s Lady is out!

I’ve priced it at $0.99 through the holidays. After that it will be raised to $2.99. I’ve enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited, so it will be available only at Amazon until March. After that it will be at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the iBookstore, and Smashwords.


Wolf’s Lady takes place a few months after Wolf’s Vengeance. In this 45,000 word novella we get a look at Sky and what he’s been doing, and we re-visit Sara, Stone’s mate.



In the year 2070, there are no cool advanced technical gadgets or weapons. In fact, most people are living like it’s the American frontier all over again. Terrorists used nuclear devices to simultaneously destroy most major US cities, as well as major cities in other countries. With the huge loss of life, the infrastructure crumbled. Hospitals and rescue services were so overwhelmed that they failed. The terrorists also released a virus that later came to be known as the Woman Killer Plague. It killed both men and women but more women died, making females valuable commodities.

This is the world of Sand Wolfe, a lonely bachelor of the Lakota Wolf Clan, and Miss Amanda, the woman his wolf claims as their mate.

Sand goes to Omaha to work as muscle in his cousin Sky’s whorehouse. There he meets his mate, Miss Amanda, who also works in Sky’s House, although in a very different position. She is the only woman his wolf will allow him to have, and she’s the only woman he wants. He will do anything to convince her to accept his mate claim.

Can a businesswoman leave her glamorous life and settle down in a wolf den? Amanda finds Sand’s methods of persuasion very persuasive. But will the men of Omaha allow her to leave? Sand figures he might have to kill a few of her clients, but it’s a small price to pay to bring his mate home.




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