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Tuesday Teaser July 8, 2014: Wolf’s Lady Part 25

          At last the end is in sight. After this there is just one more big scene, and then the wrap up. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! I have finished writing the wedding night scene. I hope you will like it. I finished it literally just now, and haven’t even looked at it again, so it is probably littered with typos and all kinds of other boo boos. Please disregard them.


          For those of you who are just finding this now, I have been writing a serial short story called Wolf’s Lady, about Sand, one of the wolf warriors of the Lakota Wolf Clan, and Miss Amanda, a business woman employed in Sky’s house in Omaha. This story takes place a few months after Wolf’s Vengeance ends, and approx a year and a half before Wolf’s Princess begins. To read it from the beginning, click Wolf’s Lady in the list of categories on the right.


          I am picking back up a little before the end of last week’s tidbit, so the first few paragraphs are repeats. I am once again giving you a link to the pages, because these are explicit love scenes not meant for anyone under 18.  If you are not an adult in your country, please do not click the link below. For everyone else, enjoy!


Wolf’s Lady Wedding Night

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